Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 1 of the MRS. LIEUTENANT Virtual Book Tour

Today I start my month-long virtual book tour with a stop at Book Marketing Buzz: Book Marketing & Promotion Tips, where authors write guest blogs about the marketing strategies for their books. My post begins:

“My main book marketing plan is to become the queen of internet marketers for the promotion of my book MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL.

“When friends ask if I’m going to have book signings, or they suggest I contact the local library, I politely thank them. Then I explain that I can reach more people in one hour of online marketing than I can reach in hours and hours of book signings. And I add that I have to allocate my limited resources of time to maximize my return on investment. (That’s what having an M.B.A. from Wharton will help you realize.)”

Later in the guest blog I list some books that I have found particularly helpful:

Sell Your Book on Amazon by Brent Sampson

Red Hot Internet Publicity by Penny C. Sansevieri

Plug Your Book by Steve Weber

1001 Ways to Market Your Books (sixth edition) by John Kremer

You can read the entire guest post about my marketing strategy for MRS. LIEUTENANT at

The other stop for today is an audio interview at InsideScoopLive – check it out at

And leave a comment on my guest blog post at and you could win a FREE virtual book tour (for published authors with a book recently released) or a $25 Amazon gift certificate (for non-authors)!

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