Monday, June 16, 2008

Lifetime’s ARMY WIVES – My Take on Episode 2 of Season 2

The start of episode 2 of Lifetime’s popular television series ARMY WIVES had me worried – more of that over-the-top voiceover. “Oh, no,” I thought, “if this season is going to be filled with voiceover, I’m out of here.”

(Did anyone get the reference to the Whoopi Goldberg movie SISTER ACT? You know, when the guy in the bar says about the two nuns Whoopi and Kathy Najimy – “If this turns into a nuns’ bar, I’m out of here.”)

Fortunately, after the first few minutes the second episode of ARMY WIVES turned into a regular episode. And we were also spared any more of the cloying radio talk of Pamela that took place throughout episode 1 of season 2. This episode 2 the actors actually got to act.

And the best part of this episode for me? The scenes of Roxy’s husband Trevor in Iraq as well as Roxy’s responses to Trevor being in harm’s way. (Especially poignant was the reminder that those who stay behind can never really understand the “experience” of those fighting.)

And without giving anything away -- I wasn’t surprised by the colonel’s decision about her pregnancy. As soon as the screen cut away from the doctor’s examining room, I knew what she would do.

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What did you think of episode 2 of season 2 of ARMY WIVES?

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1 comment:

Chris said...

All the radio talk on episode 1 season 2 bothered me as well...was too much! I cried though...