Sunday, March 22, 2009

Afghan Warlords Are Partnering with U.S. Military

"U.S. Courts Former Warlords in Its Bid for Afghan Stability" was a March 20th front-page Wall Street Journal article by Matthew Rosenberg. I read this story with interest and then later reflected on it when I watched the documentary BROTHERS AT WAR directed by Jake Rademacher.

I've read that the Iraqis are not great fighters (clearly demonstrated in BROTHERS AT WAR) and that the Afghans are great fighters (they've been fighting for centuries). And reading this Wall Street Journal article in conjunction with seeing the documentary BROTHERS AT WAR makes it quite clear how different the two countries are. And this, of course, means that different military/political strategies are required for different cultures and situations.

Read the article now about the Afghan warlords and form your own opinions.

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