Thursday, March 26, 2009

BROTHERS AT WAR Documentary Shows What It's Like for Americans Fighting in Iraq

The new BROTHERS AT WAR documentary is an amazing up-close-and-personal look at Americans fighting in Iraq. Jake Rademacher follows his brothers to Iraq to film what it's like to be in the thick of an insurgency.

After screening the documentary, I wrote a review of it on my PZ the Do-Gooder blog knowing that a few days later Nancy Brown and I would be doing a BlogTalkRadio show about the documentary.

Yesterday we interviewed David Scantling, one of two exec producers on the documentary. (Gary Sinise is the other exec producer.) I told Scantling that what I really liked about the documentary is that it had a narrative throughline -- there was a beginning, middle and end of the story rather than the frequent all-over-the-map of most documentaries.

What struck me most about our interview is that Scantling came on board after the raw footage had been shot by director Jake Rademacher because Scantling had been working for the U.S. government in Iraq. When he and his wife got to see some early footage, his wife asked him, "Is this what it's really like in Iraq?"

It was at that moment that Scantling realized the importance of having this film get as wide an audience as possible to bring home to the American people what it is like in Iraq.

Listen to Scantling describe the journey to the screen of this must-see documentary.

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