Monday, March 23, 2009

U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute: Certificate of Appreciation to Me

I have Lindsey Brothers to thank for submitting me for the U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute Certificate of Appreciation. The certificate reads:
For outstanding contributions to the United States Army. The Army greatly appreciates your support of Soldiers fighting the Global War on Terrorism and is proud to recognize your personal sacrifices in preserving the freedom and security of our Nation.
And the certificate is signed by George W. Casey, Jr., General, United States Army, Chief of Staff and Pete Geren, Secretary of the Army.

This is the second army certificate I’ve received in my life. The first certificate was at the graduation luncheon for the wives of AOB 21 in July of 1970.

This first certificate reads "U.S. Army Armor School" at the top. Under the words "United Students Wives" are the words "check book, cook book, baby care." Then comes the formal "To all who shall see these presents greetings."
Be it known that Phyllis Miller having successfully completed and survived the required course in the feeding, care, and coddling of her husband in
The U.S. Army Armor School
In testimony Whereof, and by authority vested in us, we do declare her a
Given at Fort Knox, Kentucky, this 1st day of July 1970
And it was signed by a brigadier general, a major general, and a lieutenant colonel.

And this first certificate, as silly as it may sound, actually led to this second certificate in March of 2009. How?

When my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT ( -- based on my own experiences as a new Mrs. Lieutenant in the spring of 1970 -- was published last April, I included information on the book’s website about organizations that support U.S. military personnel and their families. At the same time I started the blog

Then I started doing joint projects with Nancy Brown of, which led in November to Nancy asking me to be her co-host on the new BlogTalkRadio show And in January I started the website project

The book website, the blog, the BlogTalkRadio show and the website project all give me the opportunity of showcasing people and organizations that support our military personnel and their families. And this is how that first silly certificate led to this second much-appreciated certificate.

And those of you who read this blog post, look around to see how you can help support our military personnel and their families. I can’t promise you’ll get a certificate, but you never know.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is the author of MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL and the co-author of the Jewish holiday book SEASONS FOR CELEBRATION. She also blogs at PZ the Do-Gooder Scrooge and Operation Support Jews in the Military, and she is the co-host of the BlogTalkRadio show Your Military Life. Her company Miller Mosaic LLC builds call-to-action websites for book authors and small businesses.

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