Monday, November 23, 2009

Fast Company Article Describes Hollywood's Help to Prepare Soldiers for Roadside Attacks

The November 8, 2009, article by Alissa Walker headlined "Inside the IED Battle Drill: How Hollywood Is Prepping Soldiers for Roadside Attacks" begins:
So," the smiling publicist asked cheerily, "do you want to get blown up, or not?"

Not a question I routinely get asked when reporting stories. But nothing about my visit to this non-descript office park about 40 miles north of Los Angeles could be described as routine. Here, in the shadow of the dozen or so roller coasters of Six Flags Magic Mountain, a team of more than a dozen Hollywood creatives and theme park engineers are debuting their latest creation.

Except this team is working not for the hottest Hollywood studio but for the Department of Defense. And this is no blockbuster film. It's a simulated IED attack.

Read the entire article now.


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