Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Ebooks Now Available for Deployed Military Personnel

I just came across the September 11th blog post "Smashwords Supports Operation Ebook Drop." The post begins:
The other day on the Amazon Kindle message boards, Smashwords author Ed Patterson met a U.S. soldier stationed in Iraq who wanted to download ebooks for his Kindle, yet Whispernet (Amazon's wireless download service) didn't work in Iraq.

Ed offered to email the soldier all 13 of his ebooks, for free. The soldier gratefully accepted.

Following the chance encounter with the soldier, Ed, himself an Army veteran, queried other indie authors on the Kindleboards message boards, asking if they too would be willing to offer their ebooks for free to troops deployed overseas.
Read the entire post and then help spread the word. This is a terrific project to support our troops!

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Sun Singer said...

This is a wonderful program. Last I heard, 230 authors had signed up.