Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stories of Women Who Served in Vietnam Needed

Author Kerry Pardue sent out this request:

I am beginning to write another book and it is about women who have served during war. The women who served in Vietnam are the forgotten ones and not considered to have endured any hardships, many are closet vets. I want their stories to be told and shared as our generation is beginning to go away.

This book will be about women who served during the Revolutionary War to the current situation in Afghan and Iraq. From Rosie the Riveter to the nurse to the air traffic controller to the donut dollie.

Each of these has certainly paid a price and paid their dues with their blood, sweat, tears, and their hearts and minds. I would also like to include something from a woman who lost a husband or parent, or a child that lost a parent.

I need your story, your photo back then to one that is current, your writings, your reasons for becoming one, your experiences how that time was for you, how was your homecoming, your memories now of how the guys treated you, your regrets, your losses, and would you do it over again or not.

What happened to you after you came back to the world? What do you want other women to know about you and your service?

I know that I am asking a lot but it will be an important work; most of the proceeds will be donated to the Vietnam Women's Memorial for education.

Please consider being a part of this work and please send this on to your network of women that you know have been a part of serving their country during war time and peace.

If anyone has any questions please contact me at or 480 250-6021 (cell phone).

I would like to have everything in by March 1st so that I can begin to work on the material and putting it together. I have set a goal to have the book released on Veterans Day 2010.

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Kerry "Doc" Pardue said...


Not sure where she called home
She stayed pretty much alone
The job was tough, long, and hard
She made it look easy
Setting her emotions aside
She worked on the boys from back home.

When she arrived she was easy going and soft
War changes people brings out the best and their worst
She would not give up on the dying boys
She would order them not to die
Some had the fight to listen and not give up
A few came home walking and not in a bag.

2nd Lieutenant, I swear at the end of her tour
Was better and knew just what to do
She would work with the head wounds and the blind
She was their sister, mom, and wife
Sitting and talking to them trying to help them find their way
No one knew that at the end of her shift
She would go back to her room and just cry.

In the open at the job, she was calm and positive
No one knew the pain she buried deep inside.
40 years later she lives alone at her home, she remembers
And she still cries, but she never became a sister, mom, or wife.
“I lost too many brothers; was a widow time and time again;
my sons died – PTSD and Agent Orange is killing all the rest.”

“Don’t you know who I am?
I ain’t just a 2nd Lieutenant. Not just Army Nurse Corp.
I am your sister, mom, and wife
Damn it… I order you to live.”

©Copyright November 2004 Kerry “Doc” Pardue

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