Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vietnam Marine Grunt Talks About His First Novel

Terry Rizzuti, author of the novel THE SECOND TOUR, was a guest on the BlogTalkRAdio show to talk about his first novel, which is based on his experiences serving a 13-month-tour in Vietnam from 1966-67. (He was awarded a Purple Heart.)

The talk that Terry and I had is of a serious nature and quite compelling, ranging from PTSD to the redeployment of troops today to the therapeutic benefits of art.

FY -- The book title THE SECOND TOUR refers to the protagonist reliving his Vietnam tour -- it's as if he had a second tour. And Terry later emailed me that his book "really isn't for vets; it's for their families. That's where I'm getting most of my positive feedback."

You can visit Terry's website at and then listen to the interview.

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