Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kaziah Hancock’s Project Compassion Started with a News Announcement in 2003

Portrait artist Kaziah Hancock remembers the moment in 2003 when the newly launched war in Iraq was brought home to her. She was listening to the news about an American soldier who had been killed.

In that instant she determined to do something for the family of the soldier.

She called the news station to find out how to contact the soldier’s family so that she could offer to paint a portrait of the fallen soldier. She was asked what about the other Utah soldier who had just been killed. She said she would also contact the family of that soldier. And one thing led to another …

Now six-and-a-half years later she’s personally painted over 668 portraits and she also has other artists working on the project. She explained on the BlogTalkRadio show YourMilitaryLife.com how she draws the strength to keep going on this project thanks to the strength she sees in the photos of the fallen soldiers whose portraits she paints.

But supplies such as canvas, paints, and frames are not free. Although she doesn’t take a penny for her own work, she does need funding for the portrait supplies and the administration of this project. (The shipping costs and packaging materials are donated.) And she always is on the lookout for more portrait painters.

Go to her Project Compassion project website now at www.heropaintings.com to learn how you can help this incredible project. You can also request a portrait of a fallen soldier.

And then listen to the interview of Kaziah Hancock – the strength of her amazing personality comes through loud and clear.

(Portrait of fallen soldier painted by Kaziah Hancock.)

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Kenna said...

Thank you so much as we have had a lot of proud American's contact us with thank you's, greetings and some donations! We appriciate you!